Our Firm

Solomon Investment Group Inc. is unique in that it offers a host of products to its' clientele.  We have years of market experience as well as an entire network of associates to help  with all of your financial needs.

The basis of our investment advice is Point and Figure Methodology.   The Point and Figure Method, which has been around for over 100+ years uses the basic principles of supply and demand to determine which way the market or individual stocks will move. Before investing in a company or the market it is important to know on which side to be, long or short.  Point and figure technical analysis uses supply and demand charts to determine when demand is in control, hence when to buy, but more importantly, when supply is in control and when you need to sell.  We use this vital information in conjunction with fundamental analysis to reduce risk in the stocks that we recommend.   We watch for trends and changes in trends to reduce the overall risk our clients are subject to in the markets.